My creations are designed for daring and passionate brides who are both dreamers and romantics who love feminine and sensual designs with a touch of class. When I create a new collection, my thoughts create an atmosphere of sensations and emotions that transport me to another place where the protagonist is always the woman.

It is always her, the future bride, who inspires me, who makes me fantasize and who expresses what I have imagined. Each of my brides is a part of me and I say this with both naturalness and respect. When I see a bride in my atelier and see how she caresses my dresses, how excited she is and how her eyes shine when she tries them on, everything is sublime. They are extraordinary moments that really reward my work.

I made my first steps as a designer at the age of 13 when I tailored jackets for my friends with scraps of flannel and they were always really happy with what I created for them. It has been many years since then and now I look at that time long ago when I was still naïve and realize that it was the basis of my learning and where the passion for my job started to grow. My environment has supported me in realizing my most cherished dream, to become a designer.

Today I am proud to have a team of stylists and pattern designers around me, who help me to grow in my profession and to design bridal dresses for the woman who knows what she wants and seeks an original design, without losing the essence of being a bride that is a little bit classic, elegant and sensual.

My collections speak for themselves. The finishing touches and accessories are made with great care for detail, evoking a fusion of romance and modernity and that is what stands out in my collections and give the dresses my personal mark.

Yes I want, and I will always want!!

This is my motto I will never stop being excited with the future brides!!!


The result of my Collections express the “Soul” of each member of my team; their admirable professional and personal qualities are palpable in each one of the dresses exquisitely created in my workshop.